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Hairy sex-pup Conner Habib has wanted to be a porn star since he was twelve years old. “When I watched porn on the cable-cheater box my dad had, I thought, “People do this for a living? I have to do this too!” The wildest place Conner Habib has had sex was with a fireman in a fire truck that was parked in the station! His fantasy fuck would be to dominate a smaller guy and then have the table turn when a bigger comes in and Conner is then dominated. What would Conner like to say to his fans? “I love you! Don’t be afraid to talk openly about sex! Porn. We all love it. Be free about it!” Check gay daddy porn videos, offer by Sex in Suits.  

Height: 5'8
Weight: 150 lbs
Dick Size: 7"
Position: Versatile

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