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Lucas Scenes » Muscle bears

Sergeant Miles Submits To Arad Winwin
from Gentlemen 28: Executive Authority
on 07.03.20

Sergeant Miles has always been a take-charge kind of guy. When he jumped into the white-collar business world after getting out of the military, he brought with him the no-bullshit attitude he earned while in the service. But he never met a Persian executive quite like Arad Winwin, who always gets his away at the end of a meeting. Before Sergeant knows it, his face his beet-red gagging on the cock of Arad Winwin, who takes a lot of pleasure from exercising his executive authority over Sergeant. And that’s before Arad Winwin spins Sergeant Miles around and breeds him up his ass.

Stas Landon, Max Adonis, Jake Morgan | Raw Business Lunch
from Gentlemen 27: Corporate Exploitation
on 11.07.19

Stas Landon returns as a powerful businessman from overseas, and he’s using his power and influence to bed American suits at his whim. He takes young executives Max Adonis and Jake Morgan out for a high-powered business lunch, but it ends early at Stas’ executive suite, where he oversees a bareback threesome where he takes turns fucking the asses of Max and Jake raw!

Adam Russo Answers Jed Athens' Need For A Muscle Bear Cock
from Gentlemen 13: Barebacking Businessmen
on 06.11.15

A sexual encounter -- starring Adam Russo and Jed Athens -- like this appeals to two different consumers of gay porn: viewers who enjoy men in suits and viewers who like younger, slimmer, and smoother men paired with hot, sex, and furry daddies! Jed Athens always has a healthy appetite for sex with hot guys, and Adam Russo sets a new bar for him. A favorite example of mine happens early on at 4:40 -- Adam has Jed turned around and is exposing his ass, but pay attention to when Adam unbuttons his shirt and pulls back his blazer a bit: the teasing exposure of Adam’s rock-hard pecs and stomach is beyond intoxicating! It’s a great way to lead into to the deep-throat sucking and bareback ass fucking shared between Adam Russo and Jed Athens!

Derek Parker And Ivan Gregory Bareback After Their Meeting
from Gentlemen 13: Barebacking Businessmen
on 06.11.15

Derek Parker pounds his subordinate Ivan Gregory in the ass raw on Lucas Entertainment. Watch the first scene from the gay bareback sex movie "Gentlemen 13: Barebacking Businessmen" now!

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